5 Tips To Getting The Best Deals On A New Vehicle This Christmas

5 Tips To Getting The Best Deals On A New Vehicle This Christmas

As Christmas creeps closer and another year comes to an end, car dealers will be looking at their sales numbers. Many of them will be feeling pretty nervous, as Christmas shopping has distracted the majority of their customers, and that could be great news for you if you’re looking for an end-of-year bargain on a vehicle. With these five tips that we have put together, you will have the best chance of getting an amazing deal on a vehicle this season.

Research into deals from other dealerships

Just because a vehicle has been plastered with a big ‘SALE’ banner, don’t assume that it’s a great deal straight away. Once you have selected the vehicle you would like, shop around a little to see if you can find any better deals. There are plenty of sites online where you can look through deals and compare them. Be sure to write everything down to make this whole process a little easier.

Look for an unpopular vehicle

While this doesn’t sound too appealing, you can save a lot of money by looking for the wallflower of the dealership. The dealer will generally have a large stock of unpopular vehicles that they are desperate to move, and many of the vehicles will have incentives from the factory to sell them on top of direct consumer rebates. So, while it may not be the Mustang or Camry of your dreams, you could save yourself a bit of money by investing in something like a Ford Focus.

Lease instead of buying

There are so many benefits to leasing instead of buying a vehicle, but it is at the end of the year where leasing is more favorable. Many companies will have special offers or end of year sales to take advantage of, so you can lease a vehicle much more cheaply.

Don’t give the dealer a budget

One of the first things a vehicle dealer will ask you is “what is your budget?” The best way to reply to this at this time of the year is “I don’t know yet, I’m just looking for the best deal.” If you’ve researched into deals from other companies, you could relay some of that information, so that the dealer knows you mean business. They’ll really be feeling the pinch and trying to meet their end of year quota, so make offers that they want to refuse, but can’t afford to.

Consider buying a used vehicle

While owning a brand new vehicle is great, there is money to be saved when buying something used. As this time of year is always quiet for used vehicle sales, there is usually a steep decline in price.

There you have it – five ways to save money on your next vehicle. Don’t forget to do your research, look around and you’ll soon have the car of your dreams.

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