What Is 70Trades? Read This Review About Broker 70Trades

Anything you decide to create might need structure, instructions, and a blueprint. The formula for successful online TRADING that you require no specific rules or instructions to become fully profitable. There are definitely some factors that cannot be neglected and but there still isn’t a blue print to being a successful trader. Therefore, a TRADING based formula demands you to be energetic and progressive in order to be fully effective.

70TRADES Theory: As an online brokerage firm the main objective of 70TRADES was to make trading simpler for the newcomers. The research that the firm did led them to the conclusion that for a trader to get the first profit; there is need of 70TRADES to be made. This urged the firm to take the name 70TRADES and become one right partner for traders.70TRADES created a platform for those traders who want to lessen the risk in the market while conducting the first 70 trades of their own. This theory of 70TRADES acts as their core

The fact that newcomers and experienced traders are given exceptional and valuable assistance by 70TRADES makes it a leading TRADING platform in the market. There is no doubt that 70TRADES is one of the unique online brokerage firms that stand with its traders by harmonizing their psychology, no matter what happens; profit or loss.

70TRADES believe that their contribution is pivotal since a lot of emotions are attached to a trade and this is where 70TRADES play the role they are best known for. 70TRADES formula for successful TRADING also involves:

  • Money Management practice
  • Stop loss placement (helps in avoiding suspected loss by allowing traders to close open positions timely)

70TRADES shines among the others by providing vast diversity in trading assets. The best thing is that it gives traders the opportunity to spread their portfolio and also take risks.  There are some of best financial TRADING products that are available on 70TRADES:


Currencies of 180 countries are considered as legal tenders by United Nations but there is weaver present in the currencies and this is due to the government and central bank’s changes in policies; resulting in variations in currencies against each other. This contributed to the possibility of Forex exchange trading industry. 70Trades provides the best in demand currency pairs to do TRADING EUR, USD etc.


It actually signifies goods that can be traced; gold, copper, silver etc. it is not allowed by 70TRADES to buy these goods but there is the availability of a great and easy experience to speculate when it comes to the market values of the products.       


Along with other companies, 7OTRADES permits the traders to speculate on the variation of stocks of foremost companies like:

  • Facebook
  • Apple
  • Walt Disney
  • Google


It signifies the worth of companies that are publically traded and 70TRADES includes all of the companies in its portfolio. Some of the companies are:

  • CAC40
  • S&P 500
  • FTSE 100
  • IBEX 35

13 thoughts on “What Is 70Trades? Read This Review About Broker 70Trades”

  1. Hi, does someone use 70trades? Is a good broker or just a scam? Can you please give me more details about this broker?

  2. I want to ask the same, I was contacted by a phone call. On internet I read good things about this broker but before to invest I want some advises from 70trades users.

  3. Hi guys I want to say something, forex is not easy andthe markets it’s full of scam broker. Before to start in forex and trading online check the broker.

  4. I am also use 70trades something I lose money and sometimes I earned them, it’s normal, it’s forex. Before to start is good to have some knowledge about that. In this case 70trades was really useful because they have training courses.

  5. 7 trades is very good online trading site, through this trading if somebody obey senior instruction before trading, must be go through profitable way all the time.

  6. I have recently joined 70trades and i received a personal acc. Manager and an advanced training. I have done two trades and i am in profit so far.

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