4 Quick Vehicle Upgrades That Won’t Break the Bank

Upgrading your ride might be something that has been lingering on your mind for a while, and chances are you’ve probably already thought about the next steps you want to take in your vehicle’s customization. However, many people put off upgrades because they’re intimidated by the potential cost of purchasing new components and paying for installation. Fortunately, you don’t need to be wealthy to transform your car into the best version of itself, as there are plenty of low-cost options that can add flair and coziness. With that said, if you’re in need of inspiration for cheap upgrade ideas, try starting with the following mods.

  • Stereo/Speaker Setup

Acoustics and audio can have a tremendous impact on the comfort and enjoyability of a ride, especially if you’re an avid music listener. Although the more expensive options on the market can cost thousands, there are also plenty of budget-friendly setups that will add oomph to your system for a reasonable price. You don’t necessarily have to upgrade the stereo itself, as a simple adjustment like adding a nice woofer or switching from 2-way to 3 way speakers can really make a huge difference in sound quality.

  • Neon Lights

Adding neon lights to the undercarriage, doors, and/or roof of your vehicle is a fast and frugal way to make your car’s interior and exterior shine. You can go with a universally compatible color like white or gold, choose a theme that matches your vehicle’s paint job, or spend a little more for a color-changing light system with a remote that lets you change the color at any time.

  • Seat and Steering Wheel Covers

Installing seat covers is a quick and affordable way to overhaul your interior’s appearance and comfort. If buying covers for all seats doesn’t fit your current budget, you can buy them one at a time until you’ve covered all the seats. Likewise, steering wheel covers are cheap enough to be considered an impulse buy, yet they greatly improve your personal perception of the vehicle because they’re in front of you all the time while you’re driving.

  • Premium Headlights

Finally, installing brighter headlights can make your vehicle look better while also improving safety and performance at night. Depending on your vehicle’s make/model, upgrading to high performance HID or LED lights may require upgrading the bulb assembly itself, so when installation costs are considered, this is probably one of the more expensive suggestions on this list.

Adding Luxury and Comfort on a Budget

In closing, all of the above recommendations are geared towards vehicle owners who want to look and feel better while driving but don’t want to spend a ton of money to do so. These upgrades can be purchased for a few hundred dollars combined and installed in just a couple of hours. By the end of the day, and with only a nominal dent in your savings, you can be cruising around feeling like you’re in a brand-new vehicle.

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