4 Tips To Follow Through On Your Financial Resolutions

4 Tips To Follow Through On Your Financial Resolutions
I know you are as optimistic as ever that this is going to be a great year, perhaps you missed on your debt and finance goals last year but you are more determined than ever to make sure that you stay on track in 2018.

You have resolutions but you know that you have been here before and you have failed in the past. But there are things that you can do to stay on track and achieve your resolutions in 2018. Uhm, or just come close to achieving them.

Find A Money Friend

It is very difficult to be disciplined if you do not have someone to keep you on check. Even the government puts laws and spends a lot of money to maintain order and legal discipline among us. And it is not different with your money, you need to share your resolutions with a friend who will keep reminding you of your goals.

It will work best if this relationship is mutual because it will help you two help each other, provide a helping hand when one of you is slipping off the grind and keep the motivation going.

This money friend may be a family member, your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or your childhood buddy. You will be amazed by the way we all go through the same financial problems and suffer in isolation.

Make A Money Gym… Exercise Financial Discipline

When we are unhealthy we are told to join a gym and shed off extra weight, and it is the same thing we should do with our finances. When you wake up to take time to run through your list of expenses and see if there is something that is going off the radar.

The understanding is that you should not wait for the crises to be fully-blown to take action. It starts with $1 then within no time you are struggling with your finances. Exercise every day by reviewing your expenses and income and make decisions that put you back on track to achieving your resolutions.

Read A Book About Money

It might sound like a surprise that a book is coming in on a list about sticking to your resolutions, but we all need the motivation to stay on course with our goals. It may be boring hearing the story of Rich Dad, Poor Dad a million times, but there are many personal finance books that are written with a fine hand, fictional approach that leaves you entertained and educated.

I find David Bach’s The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich to be a very exciting book about finance. It is written softly with entertaining tap-ins and relatable examples. Reading books about finances will not only help you reconsider your resolutions but also, it will remind you that you are doing the right thing by following on your financial resolutions in 2018.

The Future Comes Sooner Than You Think

Does it bewilder you that one day you are giggling across campus lawns and the other day you are staring at the student loan from an office on the 14th floor? Retirement comes the same way and you find yourself staring at years of fixed income or running the risk of becoming homeless.

I know that you have a retirement plan on your 2018 resolutions, but I have been a victim of thinking that retirement is too far away.

Don’t procrastinate building resources for your retirement. The best way is to start with small amounts that you can easily put aside for retirement then keep on increasing these amounts until you get to a level where your future is safe.

All the luck and don’t forget to have bliss in 2018.

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