4 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Use Their Mobile Phone to Boost Sales

Real estate is, by nature, a mobile business. Agents are always on the run showing or viewing properties, and never has it been as quick and easy to get the job done as with a high quality mobile phone. As any realtor will tell you, making money in real estate is a numbers game. The more properties you sell, obviously the quicker those commissions will add up. If you want to boost sales, always keep your mobile phone with you! Here are just 4 ways in which real estate agents can use their mobile phones to boost sales.

1. High Quality Mobile Pictures of Listed Properties

As a real estate agent, how many times have you had to physically go out to view a property listed by another brokerage because there are no pictures in the MLS? While you can request photos be sent to you via email, you are at the mercy of the other agency. This is why you should always keep your mobile phone on you when going out to write a contract with a potential seller. At the same time as the agreement is signed, you can do a walk-through and snap high quality shots to use when you return to the office to list the property. If you aren’t handy with mobile photography apps, check out the tips and tricks on Moblivious. You’ll have high quality images on your iPhone in no time at all. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, so those great photos will help to sell that property for you!

2. Staying Active on Social Media

It should come as no surprise that social media is one of the best tools any realtor can have at their disposal. Not only do their own clients follow their Facebook and Twitter posts but other realtors in the area follow them as well. Staying active on social media requires quick responses when anyone comments with a question about a property. Snag that customer the moment they are curious before another realtor grabs them! You may be the listing agent, but a buyer’s broker can get 50% of the closing commission, so keep that iPhone handy!

3. Availability to Buyers and Sellers

There is nothing more frustrating in business of any kind than being unable to reach the people you need to speak with. This works in both directions. Whether someone needs to reach you about a property or you are in the field with a question for a client or another agent, that call can’t wait until you return to the office. Time is money and every moment wasted gives another agent ample opportunity to get a jump on that sale!

4. GPS for Locating Properties to View or Show

How many times have you tried to find a property listed by another agent and driven around unable to locate the street address? Whether you are viewing a property in the hopes of taking a seller’s contract or to view a property listed by another brokerage with a client, that GPS on your iPhone can give you the most direct route with minimal delays.

Never before has it been as easy to view and show properties as in the mobile age and this is one of the best ways to boost sales. Do everything on the go, and before very long those commissions will start rolling in. Just remember to keep your phone charged. That phone is going to be one of your best tools ever, so keep it handy!

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