5 Ways Cycling Can Save You Money

5 Ways Cycling Can Save You Money

Cycling is a wonderful thing. It’s a great and healthy way to travel and explore your surroundings. It’s also one of the great ways to practice mindfulness, as it enables you to focus on your body, your movements, and the world around you. Furthermore, it goes without saying how much it benefits the environment over driving a car.

Nothing can compare to riding your bike against the wind, and simply immersing yourself into the landscape all around you. However, another thing that makes cycling great and a much better solution than driving a car is how much money you can save that way.

Buying And Maintaining A Bike Doesn’t Have To Cost Much

If you’re looking for a decent bike, you can get one for a couple of hundred dollars. In case that you truly want to buy a great one, the price can be as much as a thousand dollars.

Next to getting a bike that will serve your needs, you need to get yourself a helmet, a front and back light to ensure your safety, and a bell. Since you are probably not a professional cyclist, who is looking for some top notch equipment for his bike, this is how much you are going to have to spend in order to have yourself a proper ride.

Also, you will need to tune up your bike and oil your chain probably once a year. Furthermore, most casual cyclists use the same tires for a long time.

Your Car Will Stay In Good Shape Longer

The longer you drive your car, the more worn out it’s going to be. With every passing mile, your tires and your breaks are becoming shabbier. Motor oil is being used up, and the same for the fluid for your windshield wipers. The car parts are getting used up and will eventually need replacing. All of this isn’t cheap and will lie heavy on your wallet.

While your bike needs to be maintained as well, it is much simpler and much cheaper. You can even learn to do most of it on your own. On the other hand, getting new car parts and paying for car repairs is costly. So it is a fact that choosing to cycle instead of drive is bound to save you money.

Parking Is Simple And Free

No matter where you are located, the fact about parking is that it tends to be an issue, and cost you money that you don’t want to spend. For example, in big American cities such as San Francisco, New York and Boston, the price of parking can go up to 500 dollars on a monthly basis. In Manhattan even more.

On the other hand, parking your bike is generally free and simple. Who knows, if you are riding your bike every day to work, maybe your employers will allow you to park your bike right in your office.

Bicycle Commuter Benefits Might Apply To You

Ever heard of the bicycle commuter benefit? It was included into the IRS Code in 2009. It basically consists out of a reimbursement that you get from your employers if you cycle your way to work. It’s a tax-free payment of 20 dollars on a monthly basis. When you think about it – that is 240 dollars a year, instead of getting car-related benefits like qualified parking. The great thing is that you can make use of this money to maintain your bike, and get better equipment for it.

Your Productivity Will Increase

The fact about cycling is that it can actually benefit the job that you are doing. How exactly can it do this? It is simple – cycling, similarly to other forms of exercise, works wonders for reducing stress, and in effect, improves your productivity.

Therefore, it is a great idea to cycle your way to work, as you will prepare yourself for the challenges that away for you there. And after your working hours are done, you will also get the chance to unwind on your bike as you cycle your way home.

Final Words

If these five reasons haven’t persuaded you how you can save money by cycling, then you should also have in mind that you don’t have to spend money on gas. Furthermore, it’s a great way to exercise, so you don’t have to spend money on going to a gym. Go for the cheap and healthy solution, and cycle!

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