5 Ways To Improve Your Business Reputation

5 Ways To Improve Your Business Reputation

Once you’ve got your business into a position where you have regular clients and customers with a strong workforce in place, you’ll start to think about how you can build and maintain your reputation. There are plenty of easy ways you can go about this, and in today’s article, we’re sharing our top five with you.

Develop A Social Media Policy

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the planet, and as a result, one wrong message on the wrong platform can have devastating effects on your reputation. If you want to use this space positively, it’s important to have a consistent tone of voice and for staff members to understand what is and isn’t appropriate to post. You should put in place a clear social media policy which lays down these terms.

Another thing to consider is response times. How fast you respond to public support requests on Twitter can also affect reputation, so include a process for progressing customer queries. Hire a social media manager who will be responsible for posting status updates, improving your reach, checking mentions and answering support questions.

Give Your Delivery Service An Upgrade

Issues like late deliveries, incorrect delivery dates or simply bad customer service can all impact negatively on your reputation and lead to bad reviews. You can’t go wrong choosing either USPS, FedEx or UPS. But if your type of business requires the use of local delivery drivers, you may wish to pay more to ensure you get a higher quality of service.

Train Your Staff Regularly

Making sure your team is fully qualified has two benefits for your reputation. On the one hand, their competence and knowledge improves customer service, leading to better reviews and feedback, in turn helping you to build a solid brand. On the other hand, having staff that rave about your development opportunities encourages more people to apply for positions with you, establishing your company as a top employer within your region.

Own Up To Mistakes

Taking ownership over errors is critical to brand reputation. Whether this is a problem that’s arisen from social channels, or something more serious where you need to issue a press release to media regarding a recall of faulty stock, owning up to your mistakes, apologizing and telling customers exactly what you’re going to do to rectify the situation, can all help to repair and even enhance your reputation. If a customer has a problem, but you deal with it quickly and professionally, they’re more likely to feel appeased and come back because your customer service was so good.

Build Your Brand

Finally, another way to enhance reputation is simply by getting your name out there. On a local level, this could involve participating in events as a business leader within your community, running charity drives and so on. A more widespread way of doing this though, is to get your name known within the industry. Go to networking events, participate in online forum discussions and join groups on professional networks like LinkedIn.

The reputation of your business is everything, so rather than hiring a firm to help repair your image, take proactive steps to ensure the good name of your business stays clean.

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