9 Ways To Score A Big Raise Or Get Promoted At Work

9 Ways To Score A Big Raise Or Get Promoted At Work

In the current economy we’re seeing more job seekers than available jobs. This is good for business, as it means higher qualified candidates are getting hired. But for the rest, it means a long journey to finding employment. But what if you already have a job? You shouldn’t have a reason to complain, right? Wrong. Because of the lack of jobs, employers are now less likely to hand out big raises to their current employees.

If you’re seeing coworkers get raises and promotions instead of you, well then you can’t place all the blame on the economy can you? Perhaps you should be pointing the finger at yourself.

Use these 9 tips below to set yourself apart from the competition and score yourself a big raise.

Continue Your Education

Learning a new skill or becoming more knowledgeable in your current field will help you get a leg up on the competition. When it comes time to hand out raises and promotion, your boss is going to look at who has performed the best, improved the most and is the most qualified person for the job. You can gain an advantage on your peers by having completed a course to further your education.

You can take a class at a community college or complete an online course too. Depending on the size of the company you work for, you may find that your employer will actually pay for your courses. Even if they don’t, expenses spent on furthering your education are a tax deduction at efiling time.

Get Along With Your Co-Workers

Yes,  your co-workers are technically your competition for that new position that just opened up in management. But in the workplace, you must hold your friends close but your enemies closer.

Be the person who is well-liked around the office to boost your reputation as a person who gets along with everybody. Remember, it’s not just your abilities that get you a raise, it’s your attitude.

Exceed Expectations

Don’t just do your job, but exceed what is expected out of you. Do work that is outside your job description. Do the work of two people to show just how valuable your are to the company. When management begins to take notice, you may not be paid the salary of two people, but you’ll set yourself up for a nice raise.

A lot of people complain about how they show up to work every day and do their job and never get a raise. Well, I tell them, why would you? You’re just doing the job you’re paid to do. If you want to get paid more, do more.

Study Your Profession

Get on your smartphone and research a bit about the field you work in. Look at the business from the eyes of the business owner. Read an article or two about the challenges this field faces and how to overcome them.

If you can hold a conversation with your boss about the state of the industry or offer fresh business ideas they will take notice. Your boss will see you not as a lowly employee, but rather as an equal who is overqualified for their current position.

Tell Your Boss What You Want

How are you expected to be considered for a promotion if you haven’t made your opinion heard? It can seem a bit forward to go right into the office and ask for more money, so instead ask for more responsibility.

Tell them you’ve mastered your job and no longer find it challenging. By asking to be considered for a new position that carries more responsibility, you’re indirectly asking for a raise.

Ask Your Boss What They Want

How do you know what your boss is looking for unless they tell you? So ask them specifically what skills or qualifications they’re looking for. Do you need training or certifications?

By knowing exactly what your boss is looking for, you can position yourself perfectly to land the next available job opening.

Stay Up To Date With Tech Trends

Don’t be left behind. A new generation is coming right behind you and they’re not only going to take your promotion, your raise, but maybe even your job. Stay on top of the game by embracing new technology.

This way, when the company changes their computer software for example, you’ll be the one in the office who is ready to handle the new technology.

Work On Your People Skills

The jobs that pay more often times require you to be a good listener and communicator. In a management position, you will be tasked with handling employees and giving reports to the boss. So if you want a raise, interpersonal skills are valuable ones to have in your arsenal.

Network On LinkedIn

Network with others who are in your profession. The more people you connect with, the more doors can open for you. You never know when one contact may have a job opening at their place of work. You can then use this job opportunity as leverage to secure a raise at your current job.

How else can you get a raise at work? If you have any more suggestions I’d love to hear them.

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  1. I think one of the biggest (and simplest) things you can do is to take initiative. Taking on a new project, showing an interest in a topic or doing something without being asked all adds up. That is one of the main reasons I got a promotion at work and I continue to try to show initiative whenever I can

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