Is Accounting a Good Career Choice from a Financial Point of View?

Is accounting a good career choice for a financial point of view? How much you are paid depends on the type of accounting position. Let’s look at the alternatives you have when you decide to work in accounting and the career paths you could take. We’ll address part-time as well as full-time accounting jobs.

Full-Time Accountant

A full-time accountant may run their own firm or work for a large company. Whether they are managing inventory levels and purchasing plans, tracking accounts receivable and payable or handling payroll, they can work in a variety of departments and positions based on their interests. Certified public accountants or CPAs are paid more than general accountants due to the certification and their ability to sign off on documents like earning statements.


Auditors may work for a company auditing employees and contracts for compliance, auditing firms or government departments responsible for oversight. All are well paid, but the position requires a high level of diligence and advanced certification. A CPA certification is a start but not the end of this credentialing process.

Personal Financial Adviser

Personal financial advisers are starting to call themselves personal wealth consultants in order to attract clients. The reality is that they handle a variety of consultations from managing a debt payment plan as part of a bankruptcy to setting up an allowance, automating savings and managing investments. If you work on a team with an attorney and investment adviser, you can earn a significant salary, though it is based on the number and/or wealth of your clients.

Part-Time Accountant Bookkeeper

Part-time accountants and bookkeepers tend to support one or more small business clients. Their work load is dependent on the volume of work created by their clients. The benefit of this career path is that it is a very good paying part-time job that is always in demand. You can find work in this area even in a small town, whether handling payroll every Friday or balancing accounts receivable and payable every month for the business. If you have the expertise to help them calculate, report and pay taxes due on a regular basis, you’ll earn even more.

Tax Preparer

There is a veritable army of accountants and tax preparers with a bachelors of accounting degree who work from January 1 through the end of April. They work full-time or even overtime four months out of the year and then take the rest of the year off. And because of the heavy demand for their expertise during tax season, they earn as much from that seasonal job as they might as a part- time bookkeeper working for a small business. If you are already a licensed tax preparer but want to earn a higher pay rate, consider completing an online bachelors of accounting from Maryville University during the slow season. Earning an accounting degree will also allow you to take on the more complicated tax returns that a tax preparer who has completed the six-week course isn’t considered competent to handle.

All in all, the demand for accounting graduates is at an all-time high and the field offers tons of possibilities. Whether you want to pursue a career as an auditor, tax preparer, or financial adviser, the options and prospects are virtually endless.

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