How your business can create and maintain a positive reputation

When it comes to creating or building your business’s reputation from scratch, this can take time, effort and capital. Remember that improving the reputation of your business is not a short-term fix, this is a long-term investment and should remain a key part of your business plan.

Firstly, make sure that you complete and implement any plans that you have in place. While this might sound obvious, consider the times that you are disappointed or let down by colleagues, vendors or investors in your daily life at work. In your day-to-day, you have to follow up these issues yourself, and you may even choose not to do business with that particular party in the future, meaning that they lose credibility as a result. Now consider your favorite supermarket or store. Consider which elements of that business you respect and why this makes it stand out – do you see this business as a reliable and trustworthy business? Have you recommended this particular business to your friends or colleagues? What could you be doing to make sure that your business is regarded in a similar light?

Logistics and business processes

Each and every business is sure to experience some issues in relation to delivery times or logistics. Incorrect delivery dates and providing poor customer service will have a huge impact on your reputation and can lead to you receiving bad reviews or even losing customers. Ensuring that your business processes are working effectively and smoothly is essential to ensuring your business retains a positive reputation. Slow and inefficient business systems will impact your business deliverables, so you may want to consider services such as Oracle E-Business Suite implementation to ensure that your software is up to date – meaning your business can keep moving forward. Effective business systems are central to the success of every business – so make sure that yours continue to deliver results.

Your workforce

Keeping your employees fully trained and informed is essential if you want to improve the reputation of your business. Not only does having a fully qualified and knowledgeable team mean that your customer service can improve, but having a workforce that is passionate about where they work and the development opportunities your business offers, ensures that more people will want to work for you – improving your reputation in the job market at both a regional and global level. So if you hadn’t previously considered the power of your employees, then now is a good time to start.

Face up to your mistakes

Remember that we all make mistakes. In fact, taking responsibility for your errors is a critical part of improving your business reputation. In the busy world of business, errors and mistakes can present themselves in a variety of ways.  You could be facing serious issues on social media or perhaps a faulty product means that you need to issue a press release on quickly – don’t be afraid of admitting your errors and making customers feel comfortable and reassured that you will be quick to resolve any issues. If your customers do encounter any issues, the speed and professionalism that you provide will make them more likely to keep coming back in the future.

Build your brand

Building and managing your brand is essential for maintaining positive business reputation. Making sure that your business is respected and recognized can be achieved through a solid marketing and brand management plan. You could consider getting out into the local community and holding events to raise awareness and make your business more accessible. On a business level, you will need to make sure that you are networking and connecting with all the right people, to make sure that competitors are aware that your brand is here to stay – so make sure that your social channels are kept up to date, and be sure to join groups on professional online networks such as LinkedIn. Improving your brand will take work and a continued effort by your workforce, so make sure that you put a plan in place before making any big changes.

In the tough and difficult world of business, creating and maintaining a positive reputation is key. So, if you haven’t considered the above steps then get planning and preparing to make sure that your reputation can be improved well into the future. Just because you have made some improvements to your business, there’s no reason to stop there. Be sure that you keep regularly updating your business plan and follow what your competitors are doing – to help keep you ahead of your game.

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