Cheap Ways To Advertise Your Small Business

Advertising is essential for any sized business in any industry as this is how you reach your target audience and promote your brand, products, and services. Unfortunately, advertising can also be a huge cost which can eat into business finances – this can be problematic if you are a small business, but, equally, small businesses need high-quality advertising the most. If you are struggling to advertise your brand without spending a fortune, then it might be worth looking at a few creative ways to advertise and get noticed. These can attract customers to your business whilst helping you to stand out from the crowd and improve reputation.

Email Service

Email can be a great way to reach a huge base and advertise your company. Newsletters, promotions, relevant advice and e-books are all good options, but always remember to ask permission to send emails – a good way to get permissions is to offer discounts or give something away for those that sign up.

Social Media

Social media is a free tool to use which provides a gigantic platform for communication. This makes it an excellent advertising tool for businesses, but you must make sure that you use it wisely and are never divisive or controversial. Be sure to regularly post content and engage with people to promote your brand.

Business Cards

Business cards have remained a powerful tool throughout the ages as they can be a great way to advertise whilst showing that you are professional and take your business seriously. These can be cheap to make up and can be distributed at events, through people’s letterboxes or anytime that you meet somebody new. The more people that you know, the more likely you are to get business.

Host An Event

Host a party, workshop, lecture, product launch or any other kind of event to promote your business. You can keep costs down by hosting it at your store/workshop and by making the food yourself. It is worth spending some money to advertise your company, such as branded trade show tents and decoration.


Create content and share this via social media and, if possible, get it published by local magazines, websites, and newspapers. This content should show your authority in the field and be valuable and engaging to your target audience. In addition to high-quality articles, you could also create highly engaging videos, podcasts, and infographics and share these through your social media channels.

The Buddy System

“The buddy system” is a clever marketing tool which is ideal for those on a tight budget. It simply involves teaming up with a business that provides a complementary offering to your target audience but is not a direct competitor. For example, if you provide music lessons, then you could team up with a local instrument store and promote each other’s business.

Although important, advertising does not always have to cost a small fortune and often it is these smaller, more creative ideas that can deliver lasting results and help small businesses to succeed.

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