How to Find the Most Cost-Effective Internet Provider

While almost everyone now uses the internet in some way, you don’t necessarily want to pay too much for it. There are many internet service providers on the market, and they are all trying to win your custom over their competitors. That puts you, the customer, in a position of power because you can now try to find the lowest price you can without compromising on the service you’re getting.

Test Your Internet Speed

If your internet service provider (ISP) has stated that you should be getting a certain speed, then it is best to check and make sure, especially if your internet is slow. There are many websites that can test your speed for you so that you can see both the upload and download speed. Do the test a few times at various times of the day and look at the results. If you are consistently getting below what you are supposed to get, you should call your ISP and tell them. If they are unable to fix the problem, then it might be worth looking to another provider.

Monitor Your Usage

Some internet packages have good deals attached to them, although, some of them have a monthly download limit. If you think that one of these deals is good for you, then you first need to know how much data you are using each month. Some ISP’s provide tools that let you see how much data you’re using, so you can take a look. If you are using more than the new package allows, then think about how you use your internet and try to reduce your usage. For example, if you play a lot of online gaming then reducing the time you spend online will help to reduce your usage.

Negotiate Your Bill

The best time to do this is just before your contract ends with your current provider. Check other ISP’s and see if you can get a better deal, then ring your provider and tell them you want a better deal. You don’t want to be aggressive, just confident, and willing to terminate your contract if they refuse. In some cases, they will try to match the other ISP or at least give you a better deal then you have now. You may be able to get a package which includes your landline and perhaps a TV option.


When checking other ISP’s, you could see if there is a package deal available. These are bundles that include internet, landline telephone, and a television subscription with access to certain channels. The total package can work out cheaper than having each one individually. However, you need to check what you are paying for as there are some things such as ringback tone as mentioned on tech exploring, that you might not want.

To get the best deal possible and save yourself some money, you need to do your research and have the evidence with you when you speak to the ISP companies.


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