How to Set Up a Successful Real Estate PPC Campaign

Many people in real estate marketing are shifting to internet advertising to generate their own leads. The challenge comes from setting up a campaign that results in what you want, whether it is buyers or sellers, and does so at a reasonable rate. Let’s get an overview on how to set up a successful real estate PPC campaign.

Understand Your Market

The best place to start is with an honest assessment of your market. What areas are you targeting? What types of homes or real estate do you want to sell? What types of buyers and/or sellers do you want to work with?

The answers to these questions help you to understand the keywords you should research, since you’ll want to design a PPC campaign that dominates the key search terms that your desired buyers and sellers are using to find realtors like you.

Bid on the Right Key Terms

You need to bid on the key search terms that are strongly correlated with your area and ideal customers shopping for the property you sell in that area. People regularly shop for homes based on the name of the neighborhood or the suburb.

And don’t forget to use negative keywords. If you don’t sell condos, excluding any search that includes terms like condos avoids your ad coming up for people who are not leads. Real estate agents selling homes should use negative keywords to avoid having their ads come up in searches for apartments and rentals. You should also set up a negative keyword list based on city and state combinations so that someone actually looking for a home in another state doesn’t click on your ad by accident.

Turn Traffic into Leads

Suppose someone has clicked on your ad. Now they need a clear call to action to turn the traffic into a lead. A call to action directs them to contact you. You should have a call to action on both the ad and your landing page.

Don’t forget that searchers may still end up somewhere other than your landing page. The solution to this issue is adding a call button to the name, address, phone number and website link on your business directory listing. Add information like operating hours, contact emails, photos and customer ratings to business directory entries. This ensures that you sell your real estate firm to those who verify your information through an online search as well as promote it to those who only come across the business directory listing.

Prevent Click Fraud

Use a tool like Adwatcher.Com to detect click fraud so that you don’t pay for ads that aren’t really attracting legitimate leads. These same tools let you determine which ad campaigns are truly profitable and generate sales. This will allow you to determine which ads work and how to improve your conversion rates.

A successful PPC campaign can generate a steady stream of leads for a real estate firm. When done right, your business will receive constant contacts by qualified buyers and sellers who want to work with you to buy the type of real estate you sell.

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