Need Money this Week in Las Vegas? Try These Ways

From time to time, we all fall on hard times and need to make extra money. When you live in Vegas, the temptation to gamble your last dollar is overwhelming. Please don’t do it! The odds are stacked against you. If you have car problems, unexpected medical costs, or even a slump in your earned income, it’s time to get creative.

Many people opt for installment loans for bad credit, but side gig sites recommend that you sell plasma, collect scrap metal, or join clinical trials. While these are great ways to make extra earnings, the money is not always enough to get by. As in any part of life, the more creative your approach, the more successful you will be. If you are adventurous (or maybe just desperate), the potential is out there to not only fully supplement your earnings, but even multiply them.

To help you on your quest to pay bills, we have compiled a list of genuinely ingenious ways to make money.

Monday: Become a Flower Merchant

Have you ever seen someone selling roses for a dollar each on a busy city street corner and wondered how they got that job? Chances are they work for themselves! While it may seem like a wild way to make money, you’d be amazed at how easy it is to pull a significant profit. Think of it this way- Most florists significantly mark down their flower bunches on their last “good” day or throw them out! If you call florists and tell them you want the “throw-away bunches,” they will usually mark them down up to 99% or even give them to you. Nobody that buys flowers from a street vendor is looking to fill a vase at home. Most of the time, it’s a romantic gesture because they see flowers for sale. Take those free flowers and sell them for a dollar each! You make an easy wad of cash, the flowers don’t go to waste, and a lot of romantic hearts go home happy. What’s there to lose?

Tuesday: Paint Dumpsters

We apologize in advance if you disagree with our tastes, but we have to be blunt here: Dumpsters are ugly. It’s not their fault- they spend their lives outside in the hot sun, housing trash. You’d probably be a little worse for wear, too. All of this, of course, doesn’t even touch on the smell. In some communities, individuals have found that painting dumpsters is an odd, yet profitable way to make money. Not only does the paint mask the smell, but a fresh coat of paint makes them look better, too! In some larger cities, you get bonus dollars for creativity. Buy some paint and get to work!

Wednesday: Become a Lice Doctor

Most people, at one point or another, are faced with lice. It’s no fun for anybody, and it can be an overwhelming feat to tackle on your own. “Lice Doctors” are popping up across the map offering discrete help in getting rid of the creepy crawlies. A Lice Doctor helps with shampooing and combing the hair of a person affected, spraying and vacuuming furniture, or any other measures that need to be taken to get rid of the bugs in one fell swoop. Some even offer to pick up the necessary shampoos and aerosols so save their clients the embarrassment of the check-out line. It’s a crazy way to make money- but you have to admit you’d consider hiring someone if you were in the same boat. Why not let that someone be you?

Thursday: Solve a Mystery

So, you’re at the laundromat, and you see that the neighborhood’s wandering cat, Fluffy, is STILL missing. Her owners are offering a $100 reward for her return. She was last seen at the grocery store. You’ve got time to kill- why not go for a stroll and think like a cat for a while. Not only would you be saving Fluffy, but you’d put an extra Benjamin in your pocket at the same time! Don’t worry about seeming opportunistic or like this is some far-fetched crazy way to make money- Lots of people earn cash as “Pet Detectives.” Why not find out if you’re any good at it?

Friday: Be a Professional Mourner

People who grieve want to know that others are grieving with them. Can you imagine anything worse than showing up at Aunt Mildred’s funeral only to discover you’re the only one that cared to be there? Many funeral homes keep professional mourners on call for just these kinds of occasions. Often, if the deceased feels that this is a possible situation, they will set aside a fund in their pre-paid funeral plan for the purpose. A professional mourner will often identify themselves as an acquaintance of the deceased and leave it at that. It’s certainly an odd way of making money, and it may even seem tasteless, but meet it with the right attitude, and you might also find it rewarding! After all, you’re honoring the deceased’s last wishes as well as protecting the feelings of their family and friends.

Saturday: Be a Hangover Helper

Hangover helpers are taking college towns by storm. A “Hangover Helper” is a hired hand, employed to assist last night’s partygoers as they transition into today’s working adults. A lot of decidedly-sober students have found that they can make extra money by securing funds to arrive early on the morning post-party to clean up the mess, help the afflicted get out of bed, and push much-needed hydration and caffeine. Some even offer to drive their clients to work for an additional fee or take them to retrieve their car from the bar. You can double your offering by also providing rides home from a planned wild-night-out. Your earnings in this gig depend on your ability to tolerate folks at their most inebriated. If you feel up to the job, give it a shot! There’s no shame in profiting off of someone else’s good time.

Sunday: Tap into Your Third Eye

A bundle of sage costs approximately a dollar. Tutorials on ghost smudging are free online, as do palm and skull reading illustrations. Put that dollar to work and have fun to make someone else’s day- and a little bit of extra money on the side.

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