What You Need To Own To Save On Home Repair

What You Need To Own To Save On Home Repair

Home repair and maintenance is a category of expense that a lot of people forget to include in their budget. While you may already have homeowners or renters insurance to protect you against catastrophic events such as an earthquake, fire or flood, it won’t cover most every day repairs.

When we talk about taking care of a residence, there’s a whole host of things that can and do go wrong. For example, if an appliance breaks down, there’s plumbing issues or you have electrical issues, expenses can add up quickly. Unless you’re adequately prepared it can really rip a hole in your monthly budget.

Thankfully, most home repair and maintenance projects don’t require hiring a professional. All you need is a grew basic skills, the right tools and perhaps having to make a quick trip to Home Depot. If you are willing to be prepared for basic do-it-yourself repairs, you can save many thousands of dollars and never need to call a handyman.

Here are 4 important tools every homeowner needs to have on hand.

A Sturdy Ladder

A ladder is an essential item every homeowner needs. Whether it’s simply to reach for items off high shelves, change some light bulbs, hang some art, paint a wall or a thousand other tasks, a ladder is a must-have for every homeowner. Don’t just get a small step ladder, go for a full sized sturdy ladder. You’ll only need one for a lifetime so splurge on a good one. If a tree branch is growing right on top of your house, are you going to call a landscaping company to do that simple job? No! Just hop on a ladder and hacksaw that branch off in minutes. What about cleaning your gutters? You can climb on a ladder and use a leaf blower to be done in minutes.

A Complete Tool Kit

For typical every day repairs, an inexpensive tool kit will meet 99% of your needs. Essentials would include a level, hammer, socket set, pliers, vice grips, wire cutters, a straight edge ruler and tape measure and large and small screwdrivers in Phillips and standard varieties. A good time to buy a simple kit is around the winter holidays when they are deeply discounted.

All Kinds Of Tape

Tape has a thousand and one uses in a home. You are going to need more than the scotch tape out of your desk drawer to actually fix things around the house. To fix an electrical cord, you should use proper electrical tape. A roll is only around $1. Everyone loves duct tape. Whole websites are dedicated to its many uses. But have you ever used Gaffers tape? It is like duct tape, but without the sticky residue. It is used by the TV and movie industry, for a thousand and one things, including temporarily taping down cables, so no one trips on them. Unlike duct tape that has a horrible habit of sticking to itself, it is easily removed or repositioned. Finally get some strong 3M brand double-sided tape for those times you want to stick things together and glue just isn’t working.

High Powered Flashlight

A high quality flashlight can be worth its weight in gold. There’s plenty of uses around the house for a flashlight. If you have a power outage, a good flashlight should be strong enough to rest on a desk pointing upwards and light up an entire room. A quality flashlight can help you peer into an attic or basement and spot rodents at a distance. A strong flashlight can even be pointed and flashed at an intruder to disorient them and give you the time you need to get away.

Keep these basics on hand and you’ll be able to tackle the simple home repairs that always seem to pop up. Remember that every DIY project is money that stays in your pocket.

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