The Careers You Can Embark on When You Study Criminal Justice

When you decide to study criminal justice, you open up for yourself a world of possibilities. With the knowledge that such a degree would impart upon you, you would receive an insight into everything from court proceedings to security practices, to police and corrections operations, and such an education would provide you with the opportunity to take on several high-profile career roles.

To see a few of these roles, read on.


If you’ve long envisaged yourself working for the government in your career, then you should use your criminal justice degree to take you to the lofty heights of being a prosecutor. By doing so, you would make yourself responsible for the gathering of very important information every time somebody is charged with a crime. You would be set the tasks of going through information pertaining to each case, setting up interviews with witnesses to the crime in question, and doing everything you can to gather the facts about what actually happened to lead to the charge.

To give yourself the best chance possible of becoming a prosecutor, you have to be very careful when selecting what criminal justice program you enroll yourself on. To the point, you have to take your degree at an educational insinuation that has strong connections with its local courts and justice systems, such as St Francis College. By doing so, you would meet all the important people in your industry from the moment you start your career journey.

Criminal Defense Attorney

If working for the government doesn’t seem like your sort of thing, then using your criminal justice degree (as a basis) to become a criminal defense attorney might be more up your street. When you choose such a role, a number of opportunities will present themselves to you: you could find yourself working for firms of all sizes, or you could even go it alone and work for yourself. Whatever route you take, what is for certain is that, as combining your legal knowledge with your investigative skills begins to feel like second nature, you will solve a mystery or two as your career progresses.

Prison Guard

Technically, you don’t need a degree to become a correctional officer(prison or jail guard). Having a criminal justice degree when you embark on this career path, however, will help you to rise up the ranks due to the knowledge you will have about the criminal justice system as a whole. Also, by having such a degree on your resume, you will instantly put yourself in pole position when it comes to competing with others when landing your first job.

Studying criminal justice is worth it when you consider the breadth of careers in law that you can embark on further on down the line with a degree in it stapled on your resume. So, if being involved with the law is your calling, make sure to get enrolled on a course and make sure you obtain that all-important degree.

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