Tips for Saving Money in Grad School

Just when you thought you had finished school for good, suddenly that bachelor’s degree isn’t enough to earn you the kind of income you desire. Now it’s time to look into getting a graduate degree in a field with a future. You’ve chosen to get a masters in health informatics from Adelphi University because this particular field will be in high demand for the foreseeable future. Not only is there an extreme shortage of qualified people within healthcare, but technology is rapidly advancing.

A career professional in health technology is almost guaranteed a job with stability and a great base salary. Unfortunately, the cost of grad school is eating away at your carefully saved rainy-day fund, so how can you go to grad school and build up your reserve once again? Try these four tips for saving money in grad school. You’d be amazed at just how much you really can save.

1. Study from Home

Perhaps the easiest way to save money in grad school is to study from home. You can take an online masters in health informatics without once stepping foot inside a classroom. You will be able to save money because:

  • You will not need to pay for travel expenses.
  • You will not need to pay for food on campus – eating at home is cheaper.
  • You will not need special clothes.
  • You may not need hardbound textbooks because you will have digital access.

And, the list goes on from there. By studying from home you will avoid needless expenses.

2. Attend Conferences and Job Fairs for Freebies

As a grad student, you are likely to be invited to a number of conferences and job fairs. Take advantage of these as often as possible. You can often be treated to free food and for sure you’ll be given advertising ‘gifts’, which you can certainly use. Just because you are working for an online master in health informatics degree doesn’t mean you won’t need that free attaché case or book bag, does it? Graciously accept anything being offered for free.

3. Coupon Clipper Extraordinaire

So, you are studying for an online degree, which means you’ll be doing the bulk of your work on a connected computer. Why not search for online coupons and voucher codes? You never know when you might find one for free food! Buy one, get one free meal deals enable you to eat one now and save the other for tomorrow’s dinner. Become a coupon ‘clipper’ extraordinaire.

4. Employer Paid Tuition

If you are working at a hospital that offers generous employee incentives, perhaps they will also help cover the cost of your tuition. Always use employer tuition stipends whenever possible. This could save you thousands on the cost of that master’s degree.

These four ideas are just the beginning. Get creative and you will find that there are other ways to save a small fortune as well. Yes, it is still going to cost more than you can probably afford to go to grad school, but once you’ve graduated and are able to find a better paying job, the sacrifices you make now will be well worth the effort.

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